Ever since Instagram launched the live video feature on their application, many businesses no matter big or small begin to jump into the bandwagon of taking an opportunity to use that as an advertising platform to boost the acknowledgement & interest of people towards their brand. However, out of the many users on the app, not all of them would have the urge to immediately click to watch when they receive a notification regarding a live video.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram live video doesn’t give users the ability to create an engaging title before beginning a live video. Due to this, users have to search for other revenues to make people feel the need to watch, pay attention to your message and not immediately leave your live video after a short period of time. So here’s a few tricks for your brand to drive user’s attention towards your live video content and for them to be a consistent viewer.

1) Keep them informed

Nowadays, many people are on the move and busy with their work, studies or social life. Not every Instagram user has the privilege or freedom to check on their social medias each time they receive a notification. It would be a win-win situation if your brand post up on Instagram regarding the date & time of your live video beforehand as this will not only increase your number of viewers, but also creates awareness for the people with a tight schedule so that they can make time for your content. Remember, not all surprises are fun!

2) Prepare an engaging topic

Preparation is the key to success. When you post regarding the time & date of your live video, the best thing to do is also include an engaging topic so that people know that they are not signing up for nothing. Trust us, a live video that has no starting point will only bore your viewers. So, get creative with your topics! If you kick it off well, your live video will definitely have an amazing flow.

3) Communication is key

Yeah, this may sound like an old school trick. But hey, communication IS the golden ticket for everything, ain’t it? (I mean, besides hard work, that is). No one is fond of not receiving attention and not being able to voice out their set of opinions. Get personal, mention their names when you answer their questions. Also, always ask them for their opinions about your topic. This will make them feel like that they are connected to your brand and that you actually care about your viewers.

We hope that the tricks that we have provided you with will help your brand be more prominent in the world of Instagram live videos, or else hit up info@zavari.my as ZAVARI is here to solve all of your business’s social media issues, no matter big or small!