Since the beginning of the Facebook era, businesses and brands has been struggling to gaining the attention of their audience. The growth of Facebook is also contributing towards this problem as it makes it even harder for publishers to keep up with the changes while reaching out to their audience. As we all know, the more you engage with your audience, you’ll have more visibility on Facebook. Businesses and brands has to put in the extra effort into their content to drive engagement.

If your brand is looking into increasing your Facebook engagement, here are some simple steps that can be taken to achieve that.

1) Keep the Interaction Going.

It seems that most brands don’t have enough proper interaction going with their followers which cause them to feel ignored. Sometimes, responding as a whole is easier but it doesn’t necessarily give everyone want they want. Spend some extra time and respond directly to your followers.

The comment section on social medias are now being treated as a space for conversation. Due to this, social media managers have to start adapting to communicate with your followers as if they are right in front of you. People appreciate acknowledgement.

2) Post at the Right Frequency

Make sure to post at the right pace. If you post way too often, your followers will get lost on which content that they should place their focus on. If you don’t really update your Facebook postings, followers might get the idea that you are abandoning your page.

So remember, always keep your postings at the right range to keep followers interested and busy but also don’t keep them waiting way too long for a follow-up post. The perfect range of postings is all depending on the number of followers and audience that you have.

3) Keep the Language Simple

Yes, some bombastic words being place here and there can be nice. But honestly, it is better if you keep the language simple. In this world, there are some people who are just way informed than others.

Remember, fancy words do not increase the quality of your content. The message that is being delivered determines the quality of your content.

4) Allowing Open – Ended Comments

When picking topics to ask your audiences, don’t pick something that is too niche. This type of topics will lead to minimal responses. It is the same when you don’t really keep up with your postings, there will be minimal engagements.

So, keep your topics/questions as open-minded as possible to allow your followers to express themselves more.

Do keep this in mind whenever you plan your next Facebook posts or whenever you see a comment from your followers. If you still seem to be having issues connecting with your Facebook audiences, the social media management team at ZAVARI is here to give you a hand. We assure you that with time, your social media will bloom! Do contact us at for further details regarding our services.